Are you open 24 hours for new arrivals?
Yes, we are indeed. If you need to check after hours, please give us a call to discuss further details as this will need to be planned in advance.VIEW AMENITIES HERE
Do you have laundry facilities available on site?
We sure do! It is $1 to wash and $1 to dry. We have 2 washers and 2 dryers.Do RV spaces have WiFi internet access?
Yes, they do and the price is included in our rates for the space you are renting. You will get login info once the reservation has been made and paid for.CLICK FOR RATES
What types of electrical hookups are available for RVs?
Lots of amps! We have the option of 50 amps and 30 amps.

Is there security or staff on site 24 hours per day?
We do have staff that live on site 24/7. They are there to take care of the day to day maintenance and are there to answer any questions you have. If there is an emergency, there will be someone on site to help.

What types of amenities are available at the RV park?
Please click on the Amenities Button to the right to read all of the juicy details.

Are pets welcome in the RV park?
We love furry friends! Please bring them with you! But remember to pick up after them and make sure they are on a leash in the common areas.

Do you have storage units for cars / boats / personal items?
We certainly do! Please see our Rates Page for details on pricing.

Can I rent an RV space for longer than one month?
Please do! We would love to have you as our long term guest. Click on the Rates Page for more details.

Do you require a deposit for storage units?
We do not, if you need a storage unit for a week, we will have you pay up front, if you need one for a couple months, we will have you pay each month at a time.

Do you require a deposit for RV space rentals?
We do not. When you book your stay with us, you will pay for it at that time.

How much does it cost to rent an RV space?
Prices start at $20/night.

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?
Prices start at $40/month.